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Hello! Call me Cel! 

Nice to meet you! 

You can find me @celchuno on most platforms, and read below to learn a little bit more about me. 


My shops: BigCartel (MAIN), Etsy (3,000+ sales)! 

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About me 

I am a Chinese American artist and small shop owner based in north Florida, where I grew up and have lived around gators for most of my life. I like to consider myself a certified Florida Man . . . 

Much of my inspiration comes from anime and manga. I picked up a pen after watching that one really cool Rock Lee vs. Gaara fight on Toonami (shoutout Cartoon Network) at age 6 and have never stopped since!

Although I mostly doodle on my tablet, I started out with good old pencil and acrylic paint for most of my life. In addition to 2D art, I enjoy handiwork like sculpting, sewing, and making crafts, something I incorporate into my merch by hand assembling many of my charms. 

Coloring is my favorite part of the art process--I love playing with vibrant palettes and dramatic lighting. I also enjoy storytelling through my illustrations trying to capture the personalities of characters and crafting interactions and hidden narratives between them. 

I discovered in 2021 that making merch combines my favorite aspects of art: colors, character art, and cuteness! Since starting my shop, I have not only fallen in love with creating keychains, buttons, and prints, but also the wonderful community of merch artists and clients!


I truly appreciate each and every time people support my art (hence the handwritten thank you note that comes with each order). Hearing that a customer or a their friend liked my product makes my day. Getting to engage with fellow artists and anime fans in person at conventions has quickly become the highlights of my year :D! 

I hope that you enjoy your time on my portfolio site and shop ^__^!


Ping me on my socials or just shoot me an email here! 

Thanks for submitting!

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